Four men who thought it was a good idea to exchange hundreds of firearms in the parking lot of an Oak Creek motel were in for a big surprised when they found themselves surrounded by police at gunpoint on Monday afternoon, Nov. 14.

Police rushed to the parking lot at the Value Inn Motel, 9420 S. 20th St., after a concerned resident reported seeing several men exchanging a large amount of firearms between a U-Haul trailer and a pickup truck in the parking lot at about 12:50 p.m.

Officers quickly set up a perimeter around the men and, rifles drawn, initiated a felony stop by ordering all four men away from their vehicles, according to the police report.

The men cooperated with police, identified themselves as Federal Firearms Licensed dealers from a gun auction company, and stated they had set up the exchange with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

After reviewing their FFL paperwork and identification, police contacted the Milwaukee ATF office and spoke with a supervising agent, who advised him the gun transaction was legitimate, set up and approved by her office. However, the ATF agent told police she advised the dealers to contact the local police department before the exchange took place.

When police told the agent their department was not told about the gun exchange, she stated she would be following up with the gun auction company and all those involved to "discuss their poor decisions.”

The men were allowed to complete the firearm exchange and were sent on their way.

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