1 A man shoplifted $240 worth of Red Bell energy drinks at Pick ’n Save, 2320 W. Ryan Road, at about 2:20 p.m. March 14.

2 A white male wearing a Carhartt jacket and winter hat shoplifted two Dyson vacuum cleaners, valued at $1,200, at Target, 8989 S. Howell Ave., and fled the lot in a maroon Chevy Malibu at about 5 p.m. March 14. The man was accompanied by a heavyset white female, who appeared to be watching the door and the security office while the man was inside the store.

3 A man shoplifted $255 worth of liquor at Meijer, 171 W. Town Square Way, and fled the lot in a vehicle that was waiting for him outside the store at about 7:10 p.m. March 17. According to employees, the man is responsible for several shoplifting incidents at Meijer.

4 A purse containing a cellphone, credit and debit cards and $20 was stolen off a chair at Oak Creek Community Center, 8580 S. Howell Ave., between 10:30 and 11 p.m. March 18.

5 Ten Exide batteries, valued at $1,000, and 450 feet of copper wire, valued at $1,100 were stolen out of semis parked in the back parking lot at Airoldi Brothers Inc., 6930 S. Sixth St., between 2 p.m. March 18 and 9 p.m. March 19.


6 A man was taken into custody for domestic violence/disorderly conduct for allegedly giving his ex-girlfriend a bloody lip by pushing her into a wall during an argument over car keys in the 300 block of West Lagoon Lane at 6:15 p.m. March 14.

7 A man was taken into custody for domestic violence/battery for allegedly screaming at his girlfriend and punching her in the face in the 1000 block of West Violet Drive at 12:30 a.m. March 15. The suspect told police he got angry because he caught his girlfriend shooting up heroin with his brother, and his girlfriend promised she would stop because she is pregnant with the suspect’s child.

8 A man was taken into custody for allegedly grabbing his wife by the shoulders, hitting her in the head multiple times and pushing her up against a wall and knocking her unconscious in the 6900 block of South Southfield Boulevard at about 10:30 p.m. March 15. Police learned about the incident while the woman was being treated at the hospital. The man is facing charges of domestic violence/substantial battery and was taken to jail.

Drug possession

9 An officer investigating a suspicious, occupied vehicle in the lot at Red Roof Inn, 6360 S. 13th St., took the male driver into custody for felony possession of methamphetamine after finding a clear plastic bag containing meth, a glass meth pipe and syringe needles under the front seat of his vehicle at about 2:15 a.m. March 21. He was also taken into custody for OWI after failing field sobriety tests, and was taken to the hospital for a blood draw.


10 A man was taken into custody for OWI when his vehicle was pulled over for driving between two lanes in the 1200 block of West Rawson Avenue at 12:20 a.m. March 16. A breath test indicated a preliminary blood alcohol content of 0.21.

11 A man was taken into custody for OWI and cited for driving with a suspended license after his vehicle was pulled over for running a red light in the 800 block of East Drexel Avenue at about 10:10 p.m. March 17. The man allegedly admitted smoking marijuana before driving, and police found marijuana pipes in his vehicle. He refused a blood draw and was taken to jail for a probation violation.

12 A man whose vehicle was pulled over for traveling 26 mph over the speed limit in the 6600 block of South 20th Street was taken into custody for OWI after he allegedly admitted being “buzzed” from drinking alcohol at 5:10 p.m. March 18. A breath test indicated a preliminary BAC of 0.19.

13 A 34-year-old Oak Creek man was taken into custody for OWI with a child under age 16 as a passenger after his vehicle left the roadway and hit a tree in a yard in the 7500 block of South Crane Drive, and then rolled backwards into a nearby yard at about 7:55 p.m. March 20. The man left the scene of the accident to take his 6-year-old daughter home, then came back to the scene of the accident. He failed field sobriety tests and was taken to the hospital for a blood draw. He was also cited for failure to keep a vehicle under control.

14 Police initiated a high-risk traffic stop on a vehicle in the 6300 block of Interstate 94 (just north of Rawson Avenue on northbound I-94) that sped off after crashing into a vehicle in Franklin at 4:05 a.m. March 18. The high-risk stop was initiated after an officer saw a handgun partly concealed under a jacket in the center console of the vehicle. The driver and the male passenger refused to get out of the vehicle when ordered, and police took both men down to the ground and handcuffed them. The driver was cited for OWI, possession of intoxicants by an underage adult and possession of false ID. A breath test indicated a preliminary BAC of 0.10. The passenger is facing a state charge of carrying a concealed weapon.


15 A 46-year-old Oak Creek man was taken to the hospital for treatment after his arm was struck by the passenger side mirror of a vehicle while he was walking east in the eastbound lane of traffic in the 100 block of East Forest Hill Avenue at 3:10 p.m. March 15. The vehicle, an older model, dark green Jeep Grand Cherokee, did not stop after hitting the man and was not found.

16 A 70-year-old Oak Creek woman was taken to the hospital for treatment of chest pain after her vehicle struck North Shore Bank, 8701 S. Howell Ave., at 1:05 p.m. March 17. The woman apparently stepped on the gas instead of the brake, causing the vehicle to crash into a pillar.


17 A man allegedly used a key to put a 10- to 12-inch-long scratch mark on the front passenger side door of a vehicle parked next to his vehicle at Woodman’s, 8131 S. Howell Ave., between 12:50 and 1:20 p.m. March 19. Damage is estimated at $500.

18 The front hood of a vehicle was dented at South Shore Cinema, 7261 S. 13th St., between 9:30 p.m. March 10 and 12:20 a.m. March 20. Damage is estimated at $700.


19 Emergency personnel responded to Timber Ridge Apartments, 6940 S. Timber Ridge Lane, after a 911 caller reported smoke and flames coming out of an apartment at about 8 a.m. March 18. The fire apparently started when the resident tried to heat up some oil to fry pork chops, and the oil splattered onto the floor, causing the wooden kitchen floor and garbage can to start on fire. The residents used buckets of water to put out the flames before help arrived. Damage is estimated at $1,200.

20 Police and firefighters responded to Faith Baptist Church, 8519 S. 13th St., after flames and smoke were seen coming from the rear of the church at about 11 p.m. March 18. A maintenance worker told police the church had a BBQ earlier that evening, and one of the grills was near the garbage storage area where the fire apparently started. The fire damaged two commercial size garbage containers and a metal storage shed. A damage estimate was unavailable.


21 Police pursued a white Nissan Altima after it fled the parking lot at Red Roof Inn, 6360 S. 13th St., during a drug investigation at about 12:35 a.m. March 21. Officers chased the vehicle northbound on I-94 from West College Avenue at speeds up to 110 mph for about three miles until ending the pursuit near the 13th Street overpass. Several minutes after the chase ended, the vehicle crashed at Third and Tripoli, where the passenger, a female, was taken into custody for having a warrant through the Glendale Police Department for shoplifting and a probation violation. The driver was not found.

Oak Creek police assisted the fire department with 21 rescue calls between March 14 and March 20.

Compiled from Oak Creek Police Department reports

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