In an effort to be more efficient, the villages of Greendale and Hales Corners are combining into one emergency dispatch center.

The joint dispatch center at the Greendale Safety Center went live Feb. 1.

Residents of both municipalities can still call their normal police and fire non-emergency numbers, and  911 with emergency calls will still be answered by their municipality's services. Those calls will simply be directed to the new location at the Greendale Police Department/Safety Center, 5911 W. Grange Ave., without any interruption, according to a news release.

Additionally, Hales Corners residents can still go to their own police and fire stations for in-person service.

Both municipalities will maintain their independent identities while attempting to offer a higher level of service and save money.

The Greendale Safety Center’s dispatch center was designed to accommodate dispatching for multiple dispatch centers. Greendale has also updated its 911 and phone systems, and is currently working to update its radio system. These updates were “designed with expandability and interoperability in mind to accommodate multiple agencies,” according to the release.

The two municipalities have been working together for a few years already. Both share Greendale’s ladder fire truck, a paramedic license, and training resources.

“What has proven to be successful for the fire departments will now be expanded to the communications division with the intention of improving services and saving money,” the release said.

Both Greendale and Hales Corners have been testing an option of operating out of a single location over the last two years. It was determined both departments were similar in both size and operating procedure. The two share the same radio system, use the same record management system and have similar policies/procedures, and the departments already train and work together often.​

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