Franklin - The Franklin Police Department cited a 17-year-old male Franklin High School (FHS) student Wednesday, Nov. 2 for a recent string of thefts at the high school.

The teen was cited for three thefts, which he confessed to, and for possession of drug paraphernalia. According to police Capt. Joseph Spak, FHS also suspended the student on Nov. 2.

Six incidents of theft have been reported at FHS since September, according to South Now's police reports. From Sept. 22-29, items such as Nike shoes, gym clothes, and makeup were stolen out of six lockers in the girls' locker room.

Throughout the month of October, more valuable items were reported stolen, including $240 in cash, an iPhone 6S Plus, and Beats Solo 2 Headphones, valued around $200.

Police were able to identify the student through security camera footage of the hallway outside the boys' locker room, where a majority of the thefts occurred. According to Capt. Spak, the student could be seen entering and exiting the locker room during the estimated time of the thefts.

Officers then interviewed the student, at which time he confessed to three of the thefts.

The Police Department is "still following up" on the other thefts at the school, though the captain hopes any future thieves will be deterred by the department's action.

"Were hoping with this arrest, that this will calm things down for a while there," Capt. Spak said.

In response to these crimes, the police department and high school encouraged students to leave expensive items at home or keep them in a secure place at school.

"It's a crime of opportunity, if somebody's looking to steal something and they find stuff that's not secure," Capt. Spak said of the thefts. He added that the department is continuing to encourage students to keep their valuables safe so that, "Somebody whose looking to steal something doesn't have an easy opportunity to do so."

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