For those looking to get crafty, the Franklin Public Library will begin hosting "Wednesday Workshops" the second Wednesday of every month, starting 12 p.m. Jan. 11 in the library's Create Space.

Each workshop will teach crafters a new creative skill in a friendly, low-stress environment.

The first workshop on Wednesday, Jan. 11, will be focused on making mindfulness jars. These jars are filled with water and glitter that, when shaken, swirls around inside. The swirling is meant to represent turbulent thoughts, and as the glitter begins to settle, it represents a settled, and eventually clear, mind.

The following workshop, to be held Feb. 8, will teach how to make mini terrariums, and in the workshop March 8, participants will learn how to knit.

All Wednesday Workshops and materials are provided free of cost at the Franklin Public Library, 9151 W Loomis Road. Registration for each workshop is required.

For more information, or to register, stop by the library's information desk or call 414-425-8214.

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