Franklin — The Franklin Police Department is looking for residents' and businesses' help in keeping the streets of the city safe with a new camera registry program.

Through the program, the FPD will develop a list of various locations where security footage is being recorded using private systems, including those mounted on homes and businesses. If a crime is committed in the area, it hopes to be able to contact the owner of the system to see if the footage can provide more information.

"The program is basically trying to take advantage of some of the technology that's out there," said Franklin Police Capt. Joseph Spak.

Even though the police department cannot put security cameras everywhere in Franklin, it can take advantage of security cameras others have set up around the city, which could help solve crimes, Spak explained.

Eventually, the department is hoping to create a sort of network with the locations of various security cameras across the area.

One thing Capt. Spak stressed is that the FPD will not have direct access to the cameras; police will just know who has them.

"If we do have something happen, we can ask those businesses to see if they have something (on their security footage) we are looking for," the captain said.

Since the department started promoting the program publicly at the beginning of December, around a dozen people have registered their security systems.

With so many people in Franklin having security cameras, Spak hopes that the word about the program will continue to spread, allowing officials to develop a thorough registry.

He also encourages anyone with security cameras to register.

"I would encourage them to do it simply because, if we do have something happen, it's going to be something that's going to help us, at no cost to the citizens and at no cost to the department," Spak said. "It will be a good cooperative effort."

Those interested in registering their security system with the police department can print off a form on the police department's website, franklinwi.gov/Home/Departments/Police. The form can then be dropped off or mailed to the department at 9455 W. Loomis Road or emailed to jczerwinski@franklinwi.gov.

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