FRANKLIN - The Franklin Police Department (FPD) has arrested eight juveniles in connection with nine different incidents of cars and homes getting egged around Franklin, according to the FPD Facebook page.

Franklin police have received 21 reports of cars and homes getting egged in the city throughout the past two months.

Police records of the incidents start around Dec. 10, when a few of the first "eggings" occurred. Several more incidents were reported around the first of the year, and incidents have picked up again near the middle and end of January.

Investigation into these incidents is continuing, and the FPD asks anyone with information to call the department at 414-425-2522.

Franklin police have been working with the school resource officer at Franklin High School and with local retailers who sell eggs.

"Some of the follow up we're trying to do is based on info we got from the retailers as far as juveniles coming in and purchasing large amounts of eggs," said Capt. Joseph Spak. Spak also said they are encouraging the stores they have contacted not to sell large quantities of eggs to younger customers.

According to Spak, egging is considered a crime of vandalism, or, if any damage is done to the car or the house, it can also be considered criminal damage to property.

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