FRANKLIN - The Franklin Police Department has taken four suspects into custody tied to a suspicious bottles, possibly intended as plastic bottle bombs, found near Kayla's Playground on its opening day in fall 2015.

The arrests are in part the result of evidence gathered on that day and subsequently submitted to the Wisconsin State Crime Lab. The department recently received the lab results, which helped identify possible suspects in the incident.

When the FPD responded to a call around midnight Oct. 9, 2015, officers found two suspicious bottles in the wooded area located west of Kayla's Playground in the 3600 and 3700 blocks of West Puetz Road. The plastic bottles contained an unknown substance and appeared to be expanding while also venting a white-colored vapor.

FPD requested assistance from the Milwaukee Police Department, who dispatched their Hazardous Device Unit. The unit eventually rendered the bottles safe.

At the time, Franklin Now reported that police believed the recovered plastic bottles were intended to explode. Plastic bottle bombs, like these, carry the potential for serious injury.

The original article also stated that police were unsure whether the playground was specifically targeted.

"I often praise the skill and professionalism of the officers of the Franklin Police Department (and all Franklin staff), but today I'm especially proud of their diligence," said Franklin Mayor Steve Olson.

In spite of the incident, Kayla's Playground, an all-inclusive playground that opened to much fanfare in 2015, still had its grand opening as planned that day.

"What could have been a tragedy, they (the police officers) made a great day, and today is an even better day because of it," Olson added.

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