FRANKLIN - Franklin High School (FHS) counseling office assistant Joyce Price received the Wisconsin School Counselor Association (WSCA) secretarial/support staff award at the WSCA conference in February, a reflection of her dedication to helping students at the school succeed.

The award recognizes secretary or support staff members "who support and enhance the work of the school counselor," according to the WSCA website.

"Joyce runs the show around here," said FHS counselor Mindy Willard. "She's nice to our kids. She responds to our needs before we need something. If there's a problem, she'll solve it, and her attitude is so positive."

Price has worked in various positions in the Franklin Public Schools system since 1994, and has worked at FHS since 2003.

Though technically a member of "support staff," Price has taken charge of scholarships, junior conferences, and testing, going above and beyond in each task to ensure that the students are served well.

In maintaining a master list of scholarship opportunities, Price is responsible for keeping all the information up to date and ensuring its accuracy, sending out communication regarding deadlines, and provides help for students to improve their applications. She also looks out for students who might meet the requirement and encourages them to apply.

Her colleagues also noted her ability to manage details, which they say makes the testing program at FHS one of the best in the area.

"These are high stakes tests that these students are graded on, and students use this for college admission. Their primary impact can't be underestimated," said FHS counselor Katharine Reid. "Having an environment that is quiet, structured, and well-run is really important. We couldn't do this without Joyce. ... When other students from other schools come here to take tests, they are impressed with our testing program."

In addition to helping with these important aspects of helping students prepare for leaving high school, and doing so with a "smile on her face," Price makes an effort to create a community in the office by doing things like organizing potlucks and baby showers. She also regularly volunteers at school events.

"Joyce is working the table at every event," Willard described. "She's super involved."

In response to these praises from her co-workers, Price was humble.

"It's a team effort," she said.

However, the counselors maintained that her impact is very apparent. Willard said that after winning the award, Price received a letter from a student who had graduated two years ago congratulating her and thanking her for the impact she had made on his life.

"It goes to show if you care about kids and develop a relationship, they’re going to remember you," Willard said.

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