FRANKLIN - A recently opened iLoveKickboxing studio is offering Franklin residents a fun new way to kick calories and stay healthy.

The studio officially opened in January at 7211 S. 76th St. and is now hosting 23 different kickboxing classes for people of all fitness levels and abilities, from professional fighters to first-timers.

This is the second iLoveKickboxing location to open in Wisconsin, with one already in Brookfield, and it's the first for owner Steve Wagner, who is originally from the area and is planning to open two more Wisconsin studios in the future.

Community approach

"Over the last few years, we've heard a lot about kickboxing growing as a daily workout routine," said franchise manager Cherise Beardsley. "The word itself can be a little intimidating ... but we spend a lot of time getting to know our members and getting to know where they're at."

Classes at the studio are put together based on when people can attend, rather than their fitness level or kickboxing ability, and everyone gets time to work with a trainer.

Each class becomes its own community, Beardsley said. People in each class join a group on Facebook with daily posts to keep them connected throughout the week, and the studio works to form relationships with everyone, getting to know them on a personal level in addition to learning their fitness goals.

"We make an emphasis on having that member engagement," Beardsley said. "Living a healthy life does interact with your personal life. ... And it's a way for us to make sure we're accurately supporting them."

Motivating members

At the same time, making sure their members are meeting their fitness goals is also a top priority.

Beardsley says they also aim to "keep their members accountable" and keep them motivated to meet their fitness goals. She says she personally calls one of her members the day before her class to check in, per the member's request, since she struggles to come in.

"If our members aren't meeting their fitness goals, then we aren't doing our job as a gym," Beardsley said.

Burning calories isn't a problem once in the studio, though.

An average 60-minute class takes off right away with cardio and then kickboxers do a variety of different interval workouts. Then an instructor will demonstrate a variety of different routines each class that kickboxers practice in 3-minute rounds.

"Here, there's no time to think about the workout, and before you know it the workout is over and you've had a 60-minute, full-body workout," said Beardsley.

According to Beardsley, each class burns anywhere from 400 to 800 calories.

For prospective members, iLoveKickboxing offers a three-class trial for $20, which includes a free pair of kickboxing gloves.

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