FRANKLIN - The Rock Sports Complex is looking to add a Sprecher cafe near the baseball fields by the middle of summer, if all goes well and the common council approves the project. 

The proposed cafe, housed in a refurbished shipping container, would bring Sprecher beer and soft drinks to the park for guests to enjoy during baseball games or other events at The Rock.  

"ROC Ventures has a definite preference for teaming up with local and regional brands, and Sprecher is a perfect example of that kind of 'homegrown' organization," said Mike Zimmerman, owner of ROC Ventures, which owns and operates The Rock. "Plus they have something to offer for children and adults alike."  

Sprecher specialties

According to Jeff Hamilton, president of Sprecher Brewing Company, the selection of beverages available at the cafe will be similar to what is offered at the beer gardens operated in Milwaukee County Parks. 

The cafe will feature what Sprecher is calling a "Family Stube," featuring 12 taps for adult beverages and six for sodas. The six soda taps will feature Sprecher's root beer, cream soda, Orange Dream, and cherry cola, along with two other taps that will rotate through other Sprecher sodas.

For adults, the cafe will offer different varieties of beer, cider, and hard soda.  

The food that will be offered is meant to complement the beer and soda. The cafe will start by selling pretzels and popcorn, and Zimmerman envisions eventually serving different beer parings, like a unique sausage with a certain seasonal beer, when there is occasion for it. 

In one container

The plan is to house all of these foods and drinks in an old, metal shipping container, a trendy idea right now.  

"It’s gaining popularity for a lot of reasons," said Zimmerman. "It’s a terrific re-use of material, has a great look in almost any environment, and, in our case, is a structural match for the nature of building on a landfill and dealing with settlement issues. Our structure will have a deck on top that’s perfect for viewing the fields, as well." 

The inside will be refurbished to suit the needs of the cafe, and the outside of the container will be encased in 3M graphic wrap that displays Sprecher branding.

The plan commission recommended approval of the plan to the common council June 8.

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