Greendale — The village is currently working on a fiber optic network with a potential end goal of possibly blanketing the entire village with Wi-Fi.

While engineering is complete, a few more approvals are needed for a line that is expected to stretch from the Greendale to Alverno College, 3400 S 43rd St., Milwaukee.

At a special joint meeting of the village board and the school board on Nov. 29, officials decided to wait until the snow fell to put the project out for bids.

The village is looking to work with WiscNet to get a better deal on internet service.  According to the official website, WiscNet is a "membership organization that provides research and education networking services to public and private higher education, K12 school districts, libraries, municipalities, and hospitals throughout Wisconsin."

"It's a tremendous reduction in cost," said Superintendent Gary Kiltz.

Board member Rich Busalacchi questioned if the main goal was to eventually blanket the entire village with Wi-Fi and if that was even possible.

Greendale Schools Technology Manager Ryan Jonas said it is possible, but would be something done further down the line.  He suggested the village first focus on creating Wi-Fi access along Broad Street, with all of its businesses and visitors, and stretch out from there.

It was estimated the currently planned fiber optic work would be done around June.

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