GREENDALE - With only a little over 3 percent separating them, candidates Tina Zamjahn and Kathleen Wied-Vincent will face off in the general election April 4 for the vacated Greendale School Board seat.

Incumbent Victoria McCormick filed for non-candidacy for the standard three-year term seat on the school board for this year's election.

Wied-Vincent received 591 votes, 38.83 percent of votes cast, while Zamjahn received 536 votes, or 35.22 percent.

Wied-Vincent said she figured it was going to be close because all three were “viable, good candidates.” However, she was happy to see she was “on top.”

“I respect both of my opponents very much,” she said. “But, I believe I am the strongest candidate for our public schools right now.”

She said the board needs someone with a big picture understanding of what is going on right now with education.

Zamjahn said she is excited to get through to the general election. She said she sees the close percentages between herself and Wied-Vincent as "a victory for me" as this is her first time running. She added that she anticipates a very close election in April.

"I am thankful to all those who supported me and voted yesterday," Zamjahn said. "I will work to get my name out and become more recognizable in our community."

The third candidate, Mary Laurel Grogan, had 24.84 percent of the vote with 378 votes. Grogan said she is disappointed but is looking forward to staying involved and helping the board advance their strategic plan.

"I wish Tina Zamjahn and Kathy Wied-Vincent 378 votes of good luck in the upcoming election," Grogan said.

There were also 17 write-in votes amounting to just over 1 percent.

Overall, there was a 16.3 percent voter turnout, with 1,681 votes cast out of 10,313 registered voters.

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