GREENDALE - All incumbents remain seated on the Greendale Village Board, and Kathleen Wied-Vincent will join the school board.

Village trustees Donna Ouellette and Carl Genz defeated Jeff Birmingham for two seats. Ouellette received 1,692 votes, Genz 1,513, and Birmingham 1,094.

Genz said in a question-and-answer article the biggest challenge facing the village is "how to do more with less." Ouellete had a few similar thoughts with her answers.

"The biggest challenge that I see is finding a way to continue to maintain the tax levy at a low level and maintain our excellent services while roads need repairing, health care costs keep increasing while retaining our quality employees," she said.

On the school board side, Wied-Vincent defeated Tina Zamjahn with 1,362 votes to 1,157. Wied-Vincent will take the seat vacated by Victoria McCormick.

In a previous question-and-answer article, Wied-Vincent said the school board needs someone with a big picture understanding of what is going on right now with education and she hopes to bring that.

"I feel my earning a seat on the Greendale School Board was a victory for all residents of Greendale," Wied-Vincent said following the election.

She thanked her mother and father, saying they "set the bar high for hard work and the importance of obtaining a high quality of education." Wied-Vincent also referenced knocking on "thousands of doors" over the last five years getting to know Greendale residents.

"Thanks to all who believed in me, I never gave up," she said. "I plan to work even harder for the residents of Greendale that I've been given the opportunity and privilege to represent."

Overall, the village had a 27.24 percent voter turnout.

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