GREENDALE - After 19 years of service to the Greendale School District, Victoria McCormick found the focus was on her, not the schools, for a portion of her final meeting on the school board.

McCormick, who chose not to run in the spring 2017 election, was honored with a number of plaques, comments, and a gift during the April 3 meeting, though she quickly re-directed the focus back to the board's real purpose.

"It has truly been my honor to serve as a school board member," McCormick said following the presentations. "One thing I think about every day is our children. We need to invest in them."

McCormick, who during her tenure from 1998 to 2017 served as school board president, vice president and clerk, said she came to Greendale for the school system and said she knows the district is in good hands. (Kathleen Wied-Vincent was elected to take McCormick's seat on the school board April 4.)

Showing appreciation

But government officials and board members did not want the moment to pass without her due recognition.

Greendale Superintendent Gary Kiltz said he appreciated McCormick's "leadership and commitment to public education," as he presented her with a gift of a goose picture painted by a Greendale sophomore art student.

Greendale Village President Jim Birmingham thanked McCormick for her many years of service to the village. He proclaimed April 3, 2017, as the official Victoria McCormick Day in the village.

"I thank you, Vicky, for all you've done for the schools and the village," Birmingham said.

The CESA 1 Board of Control presented McCormick, who served was an officer, with a special recognition plaque.

State Rep. Ken Skowronski also presented McCormick with a plaque from the state assembly and senate, saying it's always a pleasure to honor those who have served their communities.

Joe Crapitto, president of the Greendale School Board, said Greendale is "much richer for your service."

"You're a true servant leader," he said with a tear in his eye. "You've been a lifelong learner."

Last gavel

The school board had a number of other items on their agenda for the night but just prior to adjournment, Crapitto passed the gavel to McCormick and asked her to "gavel us out."

She did so, giving the gavel a single light tap.

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