Hales Corners — Four election observers spent the day at the Hales Corners Village Hall, standing off to the side in the polling room or watching voters' IDs and address be verified in order to cast their ballots.

"I'm glad they have observers," said Diane Laus, one Hales Corners voter who had three observers standing by her check in table, where she displayed her ID to be able to vote. "It's reassuring to everyone that everything is up to par. I really like that."

Others were less enthusiastic, or at least indifferent.

Nathaniel Helminiak simply said that having observers there was "very different," as he had never seen observers at a polling place before.

With presidential candidate Donald Trump calling for American citizens to be election observers, some supposed poll watchers might be more common on this year's Election Day.

However, one observer, Jason Rush, said that he had decided to volunteer over two months ago, before Trump had called for such a thing.

"When I realized how crazy this election was, I wanted to get involved," Rush said.

Rush is actually from Illinois, and volunteered to be an observer through the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, since the race was more competitive than his home state.

All four election observers at the Hales Corners Village Hall, the only polling location in the village, had some sort of affiliation with the Democratic party, according to village staff.

Rush said that the party trained him on things to look for on Election Day and assigned him to be an observer at Hales Corners specifically.

"We have a laundry list of things to watch for in registration and voting, make sure they're following due process with different IDs and documents," Rush said. "(As an observer) you're someone to ensure the process is going well."

He added that observers also take note of lines and report that back to the Democratic Party's committee in charge of observers.

Rush is a part of a larger effort, and said he doesn't specifically know how he fits into the party's big picture. However, he does believe he is a part of ensuring that people continue to have the right to vote.

"I don't care if you're a Republican or Democrat. I'm supporting people's right to vote," Rush said.

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