HALES CORNERS - Fresh out of the oven, 9th Slice Pizza Company is planning to open in Hales Corners this summer.

The brand-new restaurant is hoping to open its doors at 5620 S 108th St. in August, offering both grab-and-go pizzas and the chance to sit down and enjoy a slice.

Owners Gary Plassmeyer and Andrew Baer had been thinking about opening a pizza restaurant for some time, after seeing the popularity of pizza places like Blaze Pizza and Mod Pizza. However, they wanted to offer something with both a dining experience and a quick-service option that would use high quality, local ingredients.

"Our ingredients are going to be just a step above everybody," said Plassmeyer.

Though they don't have every food vendor lined up yet, Plassmeyer said they are hoping to be as local as they can. Currently, they're planning to get their cheese from Grande Cheese Company, a Wisconsin brand that deals exclusively in Italian cheeses.

All the pizzas, from traditional favorites to seasonal specials, will be baked in a handcrafted, brick conveyor belt oven imported from Italy.

Though conveyor belt ovens have been around for quite some time, combining the traditional brick oven with the comparatively more recent technology is a new idea, and 9th Slice will be the only restaurant in Wisconsin with this specific type of oven.

"When you add the brick to the conveyor, you get the brick oven pizza taste with the speed of the conveyor," Plassmeyer explained. "We're kind of the first ones to capitalize on it."

The unique oven will provide a quick pizza with a traditional Italian thin crust.

Right now, the restaurant's site is undergoing renovations, both inside and out. Plassmeyer's and Baer's team have torn down walls, flooring, and the ceiling in the shopping plaza location, and the property owner is going through the process of redoing the exterior.

"It's basically going to be a new building," Plassmeyer said.

9th Slice will occupy 2½ of the existing units, creating enough room for a full-service dining room that can seat 80 people and a full bar, for a total space of around 3,700 square feet.

Plassmeyer estimated the construction will take approximately 12 weeks, which would put the restaurant on a timeline to open late this summer.

To stay updated on the restaurant's progress and answer questions like "What would you love to see on our menu?" visit the restaurant's Facebook page, 9th Slice Pizza Co. 

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