Oak Creek —Previously denied due to concerns about noise, Opus Development Company, LLC is trying again for permission to construct a freight terminal at 500 W. Opus Dr.

A public hearing will be held at 7 p.m., Jan. 17 along with a review of the proposal by the common council.

According to city documents, staff is recommending approval of a conditional use permit for a freight terminal which would include two 20,000-gallon underground fuel tanks and outdoor storage.

The proposal is a two-phase development. The first phase includes a 91,500 square feet of dock area – compared to the 105,901 square feet of dock space originally proposed in November 2016. The proposal also includes about 8,181 square feet of office space and a 9,760-square-foot maintenance building which were both included in the November proposal. Additionally, phase one includes a guard shack and fueling station.

The second phase would add about 27,600 square feet of dock area and 8,246 square feet to the maintenance building.  The development would be surrounded by security fencing.

The property would operate 24/7, according to city documents, with three shifts per day.

The current estimated appraised value of the development is $31.9 million. The site is part of the city's eighth tax incremental financing district but isn't part of the Oakview Business Park and no assistance through the district has been requested as of yet, according to city documents.

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