OAK CREEK - Two T-Rexes from Oak Creek went to Hollywood after their friendly fight was selected to air on "America's Funniest Home Videos."

Alison Carlson of Oak Creek embarked on a T-Rex hunt in January to find a child who wore the same dinosaur costume her son had worn for Halloween 2016. The search proved successful with the second dinosaur being found only two blocks away.

The two dinosaurs were filmed having a play fight with one running off with the other's candy during trick-or-treat in Oak Creek last year. The video, recorded by a neighbor, was submitted to "America's Funniest Home Videos." and was being considered to run on the show.

However, "AFV" wanted to get consent from the parents of the other T-Rex before airing it, so the hunt was on.

After seeing the South Now article announcing the prehistoric search, the second dino's mother contacted Carlson.

"I brought her up to date on our search for her and she was beyond excited to take part in the whole 'AFV' process," Carlson said.

Carlson said she informed "AFV" the other T-Rex turned up. A short time later on Jan. 24, Carlson noticed she'd missed a few calls while at the gym and had a voicemail saying she should call back immediately for some "good news."

The video had been chosen to air on television.

"I had no idea that the good news was that we were going to be flying off to Hollywood land to be on the show," Carlson said, excitedly.

Carlson and her son, Cayden, as well as the other T-Rex, Cayd, his mother Jill, the neighbor who recorded the video, Patti, and her son David who also appeared in the video, went to Hollywood on Friday, Feb. 3.

While the main reason for the trip was to be on the show, Carlson said they have some additional "loosely made plans." Some of those included a hike up to the Hollywood sign, having a nice dinner after the show and a possible trip to Universal Studios.

As of now, Carlson said she is unsure when the episode with the T-Rex video will air on television.

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