The guys are joined by Paul Wollersheim, head boys basketball coach at Martin Luther High School (9:00), who talks about leading his program to a quick turnaround -- to the point that it's on the cusp of its first conference title since 1988 (13:00). He discusses the success in the ML building overall, with the girls program winning its first league title since 1996 (16:30), the high-profile circumstances that led him to step down as coach of Dominican High School (21:30), where former player Diamond Stone ranks among the greats in Wisconsin basketball history (27:00) and the debate over recruitment at the private-school level (28:40).  Thereafter, JP and JR offer their own thoughts on the blurry lines of recruiting in high-school sports.

Discussed in the podcast: Mark Belling (1130 AM) radio segments on Wollersheim's departure from Dominican High School after arriving at Martin Luther three years later: Part 1 | Part 2