Though his team was coming off a spring break week, coach Jeff Trask of the high-powered Oak Creek girls softball team was not going to pass up an opportunity for his squad to test itself in the talent-laden Kenosha Tourney on Saturday, April 22.

And to his player's credit, they made it worth his time, as they drove in or flew in from vacation trips to make the event as the Knights turned in a respectable 2-1 record on the day.

"I saw the competition, and it was good that we got the games in," he said. "It seems like it's been forever since we've been able to string a few games together (because of weather and spring break issues). I didn't want to turn it down, and in the end we had most everyone there.

"We had three kids get home on a plane Friday night and a couple others came in during the day on Friday."

That level of commitment told Trask a lot, and there was a good carryover effect from it, as the Knights pounded Southeast Conference nemesis Kenosha Bradford, 19-7, on April 24 in the make-up of an oft-postponed contest.

After that, the Knights were 3-0 in league play and 6-1 overall. Trask said the schedule moving ahead is crazy busy. If the weather cooperated, they could have had had eight games in six days, including another three-game tourney at Pulaski on Saturday, April 29.

However, the forecast after Tuesday, April 25, did not look promising.

But for now, Trask will savor the good efforts his team has turned in.

Against Bradford, the Knights took an 8-2 lead and never turned back. Freshman catcher Jenna Trewyn continued her monster start to the season with two home runs, three hits and eight RBI, while Tori Golden had three hits, four runs scored and two RBI; Hali Cota three hits, three runs scored and two RBI; Becca Oleniczak three hits and three RBI; Katie Mitchell, two hits, three runs scored and three RBI; and Peyton Strong two hits.

Oleniczak did not have her best day on the hill but still got the win with six strikeouts and four walks.

In the Kenosha tournament, the Knights defeated Zion/Benton (Illinois), 18-5, bested Westosha Central, 14-4, and fell to Wilmot, 8-1.

'What we saw is that everybody we played was able to hit the ball,"said Trask. "We hadn't been really tested so that was good to see. It was good to see that, because we needed to see what had to work on. What we're good at, obviously, is hitting the ball.

"Because when we're on, it's top-to-bottom, everyone hitting the ball hard."

Against Wilmot, the Knights fell behind 6-0 after two innings and couldn't recover. Trask said the Knights were a little tired by that time, being the third game of the day.

"They're not seven runs better than we were," he said. "It was just a long day."

Against Westosha, the Knights jumped on the Falcons for eight runs in the first as Golden had four hits, three runs scored and two RBI, while Trewyn had two runs, two hits and three RBI; Strong two hits, two runs scored and two RBI; Oleniczak two hits and two RBI and Cota two hits.

Oleniczak got the win with nine strikeouts and two walks.

Against Zion/Benton, a seven-run seventh inning put the final touches on a 20-hit game for Oak Creek.

Trewyn had another eight RBI game with five hits, two home runs and two runs scored as Oleniczak had three hits with four RBI, Mitchell two hits, four runs scored and two RBI; Golden three runs scored and two RBI, Sara Traxel four hits; Strong two hits and Erin Posig two hits and two runs scored.

The encouraging thing about this game, said Trask, was that pitcher Sam Reineck threw four innings and got the win just over a week from the time that she was hit in the face by a line drive in another game.

"We were able to get a lot of different things accomplished this weekend," said Trask, "and we were able to get a lot of action in for a lot of kids."